Presenter Tips & Tools

Acceptable Presentation File Types

Windows: PowerPoint 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 (.pptx, .ppt)

Mac: PowerPoint 2011, 2008 (.pptx, .ppt) and Keynote (.key)

Prezi: Create a Portable Prezi

Use “Screen Show 4:3 Format” size: 1024×768

We have both PCs and Macs to run your presentations.

Bring Us Your Files

Personal laptops cannot be used. Bring your files to upload in the main scientific session. You can use any USB device, USB hard drive or even a CD/DVD.

At the Podium

There is a 10″ LCD monitor and a mouse for advancing and reversing slides, starting and stopping videos and pointing with the curser (important if we use dual screens). Also available is a wireless remote with forward/reverse and laser pointer. Additionally there is a count down timer to inform you of your presentation time remaining.

Note that “Speaker Notes” are not seen on the podium monitor, so if you use them make sure to print them out ahead of time.


If you have any videos in your presentation, come see us as early as possible during the conference to ensure that we can test them and that they run. Office 2010 and greater allows you to embed them but we advise you to have the video files and your presentation files to be sure. If you do not provide videos and test them with us ahead of time we cannot ensure that they will run properly. We have many tricks to ensure that your videos will run but we will need the actual video files if there is a problem so please bring them too! It may run on your computer but all computers do not have the same codecs installed.